6 Hints and Tricks for First-Time Kayakers

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Warm your cold feet with these essential hints and tricks for first-time kayakers:

1. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays

What you’ll need:

  1. Wide-brimmed hat
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Bandana

Before even getting on the kayak, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on all of your exposed skin.

Remember, the sun rays bounce from the water to your skin. This means harmful ultraviolet rays can reach the backs of your arms and ears, or the under areas of your chin and nose.

You can also use your sunscreen and your bandana simultaneously for protection. You must also bring your sunscreen, as you will need to reapply it every hour.

2. Organize your knick-knacks

You have to organize the items you always access. You can use hook-and-loop tape squares. Keep all of your sunscreen, snacks, or Chap Stick nearby by attaching them to the interior roof of the hull.

3. Take care of your legs!

Legroom is one of the main issues of kayaks. So, be sure to take care of your legs by using dry bags. You can put them under your knees so that your legs’ angles will change. This will provide your legs from sleeping.

Beware of heel bruising! You should avoid your heels from being pressed for too long into the boat, as they tend to get bruised. If you want extra comfort for your heels, you can bring extra padding, such as a foam pad.

4. Stash your paddle.

Remember that you will not paddle all the time when you’re on the water. When you’re fishing, set your paddle aside – don’t ruin the moment by balancing the paddle across your lap. Click here Pittwater Kayak Tours for more details.

You can ask the provider of kayak trips NSW wide if their boats have securing straps for paddles. If they do, remind them to teach you how to secure the paddle at the side of the boat.

5. Secure your bag.

Even though kayaks look slim, they are actually pretty tough enough to carry gear. But once they’re filled with load, you shouldn’t cram extra bags anymore.

Also, it would be a hassle to shake your boat just to get your stuff out. You can avoid this by simply tying a string to the first dry bag you load in. By the time you need to unload your bags, you can just pull the string to release them.

6. Protect the bottom from rocks.

Some shores have rocky surfaces, so be careful when passing through them. Fibreglass bottoms are vulnerable to these rocks, while Driftwood bottoms are tougher.

Note that…

…following these hints will help you spend a better time on the water.

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