Food and Wine Matches Made in Heaven

A glass of decent wine is something that can be appreciated on its own, any time of the day or night, but it is probably best to wait until noon before diving in. It is important to match the wine and the food according to their strengths, as a wrong combination can be unpleasant. Like in Spain, wineries are coordinated with Pintxo Tour packages offering gastronomic experiences for tourists. Mixing the pleasure of wine with some fine dining from Pintxo Tour destinations, you will be opening up a totally different gastronomic experience.


This article looks at some classic pairings of food and wine:


Seafood – This can be enjoyed with lobster, shrimp, and many full-flavored fish such as sea bass and mackerel. For more information, visit us at


Meats – All white meats are cool plus roast pork sits well with this wine.


Chicken in a cream sauce – The cream will contain some fairly strong flavors, and this will need a full flavored white wine to stay in the race.


Crab based dishes – As long as you are not spicing the delicate crab flavor into outer space, you should think about wine varieties to join this delicate choice of the main course.


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