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Discovering Your Calling by Volunteering

With the kinds of catastrophes happening in the world today, it is no wonder that volunteers from all nations come together to help. The catastrophe that readily comes to mind is Typhoon Haiyan. People from all nations helped. Putting aside political differences, countries sent people to do volunteer work in the Philippines which was the one badly hit by the cyclone.

Many realised how bad things really are in the country even before the typhoon came. With the typhoon serving as an eye-opener, volunteers never stopped coming to do volunteer works in the fields of education, health and sanitation.

Does it nag at you how, when it seems you’re barely making ends meet, that some people even have less? Do you wish you could do something? Sometimes, it is frustrating because you’re just an ordinary person and has to work like everyone else.

Do you also feel that there is a greater calling that you can’t seem to figure out?

Maybe you can try volunteering. Currently, non profit organisations like Involvement Volunteers International, are looking for Aussies who would like to do volunteer work in the Philippines.

Lending a Hand in the Philippines

The in demand volunteer work in the Philippines is in a rural medical clinic which, would oftentimes be, the only free health care in an impoverished town.

You would be provided with a homestay. This is a way of helping the local economy. Entirely safe and the surest way to learn their culture, this will be your home away from home. You’ll have electricity and running water.

You might have a room all to yourself or shared with another volunteer. Homestays speak English and were thoroughly checked.

Lunch is the only meal volunteers would need to buy because breakfast and dinner are provided by the homestay. If you need some special arrangement with your diet, the organization can have it arranged in advance.

Volunteering and having fun

Volunteers all over the world would have a chance to socialize with local residents. You will not be entirely carrying out volunteer work programs in the Philippines.

A community center where empowerment programs and social welfare services are held is allotted.

Filipinos, naturally hospitable, would be very happy to show you around through an organized excursion. Expect to see some parades, fiestas and swim in a nearby beach.

On your last night there would be a farewell dinner given by the host family. It sometimes turns out to a night of partying.

Before Volunteering

The nature of the volunteer work in the Philippines currently needs doctors, nurses, people who work in public health, those who have knowledge in science, dietetics and communication education. Those who had studied a health subject in University or have experience in medicine are also encouraged to apply.

Non profit organisations like the IVI volunteer work programs in the Philippines would have volunteering duration of not less than two weeks. However, enquiry on how to be a volunteer is welcome anytime of the year.

For further information, check the website

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