6 Hints and Tricks for First-Time Kayakers

Are you nervous for the first of your many kayak trips NSW offers today?

kayak trips NSW

Warm your cold feet with these essential hints and tricks for first-time kayakers:

1. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays

What you’ll need:

  1. Wide-brimmed hat
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Bandana

Before even getting on the kayak, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on all of your exposed skin.

Remember, the sun rays bounce from the water to your skin. This means harmful ultraviolet rays can reach the backs of your arms and ears, or the under areas of your chin and nose.

You can also use your sunscreen and your bandana simultaneously for protection. You must also bring your sunscreen, as you will need to reapply it every hour.

2. Organize your knick-knacks

You have to organize the items you always access. You can use hook-and-loop tape squares. Keep all of your sunscreen, snacks, or Chap Stick nearby by attaching them to the interior roof of the hull.

3. Take care of your legs!

Legroom is one of the main issues of kayaks. So, be sure to take care of your legs by using dry bags. You can put them under your knees so that your legs’ angles will change. This will provide your legs from sleeping.

Beware of heel bruising! You should avoid your heels from being pressed for too long into the boat, as they tend to get bruised. If you want extra comfort for your heels, you can bring extra padding, such as a foam pad.

4. Stash your paddle.

Remember that you will not paddle all the time when you’re on the water. When you’re fishing, set your paddle aside – don’t ruin the moment by balancing the paddle across your lap. Click here Pittwater Kayak Tours for more details.

You can ask the provider of kayak trips NSW wide if their boats have securing straps for paddles. If they do, remind them to teach you how to secure the paddle at the side of the boat.

5. Secure your bag.

Even though kayaks look slim, they are actually pretty tough enough to carry gear. But once they’re filled with load, you shouldn’t cram extra bags anymore.

Also, it would be a hassle to shake your boat just to get your stuff out. You can avoid this by simply tying a string to the first dry bag you load in. By the time you need to unload your bags, you can just pull the string to release them.

6. Protect the bottom from rocks.

Some shores have rocky surfaces, so be careful when passing through them. Fibreglass bottoms are vulnerable to these rocks, while Driftwood bottoms are tougher.

Note that…

…following these hints will help you spend a better time on the water.

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10 Facts About Mekong River You Need to Know

Cruising the Mekong River is one of the most popular activities in Vietnam. In fact, those who travel to Vietnam are recommended to partake in a Mekong River cruise. The river cruise is accompanied by a tourist guide who will walk you through the history of the river and its cultural and political significance. Therefore, it is a truly enriching experience for tourists who want to get to know the culture when they visit Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand. To appreciate the experience, you need to know some basic Mekong River facts so you will gain a bigger appreciation for what you are about to experience.

1. The Mekong River is the 12th longest river in the world. It stretches over 4,000 kilometers in length that flows through six countries: China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

2. Although the Mekong River is known throughout the world as one of the most important river systems, it is called by different names. It is also called Lancang Jiang, Cuu Long and Mae Nam Kong.

3. The Mekong River basin is habited by people. In fact, there is an estimated 60 million people who live along the basin.

4. Mekong River is the 14th in the world in terms of water discharge from a river. It discharges around 475 square kilometer of water to the West Philippine Sea in an annual basis! Of the total water discharge, 35% of that is coming from Laos and 18% is from Thailand.

5. The annual flow or water discharge from the Mekong River to the West Philippine Sea typically happens during the monsoon season, which is from July to October.

6. One of the most important Mekong River facts that a lot of tourists don’t know about is that the river is more than just a cultural and historical gem. It is also being utilized for a number of industries and applications today such as fishery, power generation, domestic supply, irrigation, industrial and transportation. In fact, the Vietnamese rely on the river primarily to irrigate their crops. About half of their irrigation supply comes from the Mekong River.

7. The Laos government has expressed their plans on building a hydroelectric dam along the Mekong River. This has been highly protested because of its possible drawbacks to the river’s ecosystem.

8. Vietnam isn’t the only country to benefit from the river; Cambodia also gets 80% of their protein supply from the fish that are caught from the river.

9. Historically, the Mekong River is known for its role in the trading industry. To this day, it is still used significantly as the transport channel for traders, particularly in Vietnam.

10. The Myanmar-Laos Friendship Bridge is constructed along the international border of the river. The construction for the bridge commenced in 2013 and is one of several friendship bridges built for by the two countries.

With these Mekong River facts, you are now ready to explore the river on a cruise. Whether you choose a full day or half-day cruise, it is going to be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

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Unveiling the Beauty of South America

South America is nestled in-between the Carribean, South Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans. Many tourists the world over take tours of it for varied reasons, among which is exploring its natural attractions. These include the Amazon basin, which boasts sheltering the biggest rainforests and river in the world. It houses a number of beaches too. A lot of travellers get excited about taking  South Amercia Tours. The vast array of natural and man-made features the subcontinent has makes it a memorable destination. It is among the most captivating travel spots owing to the mixture of rich culture, striking beaches, welcoming environment as well as friendly locals. The lower American continent is blessed with some touch of paradise, featuring amazing tropical beaches along with rich Latin history. It is important to enlist the assistance of a travel operator specialized in South America tours when planning a visit to this area. This action should save you the trouble of having to organize for a successful tour all by yourself.

Mixed Cultural Heritage

Latin America plays host to an eclectic combination of cultures, races, lifestyles and civilizations. South America has adopted special qualities, beauties and landmarks since its discovery by the Spanish. Travellers can make the best of their tours of this region by utilizing escorted tours among other ways. Elegance, warmth and poise are just some of the characteristics that one would expect finding with the inhabitants of this continent.

Taking a Linguistic Tour

You might be studying various languages and desire venturing into Latin America to refine your communication skills in Spanish or Portuguese. Alternatively, you may be expecting to take your family on memorable South Amercia tours. Exploring new territory alone can prove a rather beneficial and satisfying thing. That said, utilizing a tour service has the potential of sprucing up your overall experience, possibly exposing your eyes to many intriguing sights. There are many possible places to tour for instance ranging from Argentina through Brazil and Colombia.

Exploring the Beaches

Anyone who seeks for an ideal beach getaway would find South America a delightful sub-continent to tour. Travelling is one way of expanding personal satisfaction and knowledge. You can ensure attaining the most from your trip by involving the expertise of tour operators, for example, in planning your travel itinerary. This region is mostly known for its flamboyant dance festivals and other aspects of self-indulgence. However, it offers much more opportunities for exploration, through its elaborate beaches and eye-catching tours of natural landmarks and other captivating features.

A relevant hike has been witnessed in South Amercia tours in recent time as evident in the increased flights that major global airlines have been offering to this continent. Travellers to this interesting region can look forward to comfortable travelling and scenic beauty that has also gradually increased the population of people in the area. You can check various online sources for helpful insights about the various cost-friendly tour operators offering customized packages of South America. Be sure to scrutinize their backgrounds well for this objective.

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