The Role of a Sports Physiotherapist: Treating and Preventing Injury

Sports injuries are an inevitable part of an athlete’s life. However, it is not something that most athletes simply live with. The long absence from the sports due to the injury sustained will not only impact their stamina and performance but could also hurt their career in the long term. Physiotherapy is therefore recommended for athletes. And while most would think about visiting a Melbourne sports physiotherapist only after suffering from injury, this shouldn’t be the case. More athletes are now regularly working with a physiotherapist to help prevent injuries and strengthen their body to ensure that they do not get injured easily.

If you thought that a sports physiotherapist Melbourne can offer is can only treat injuries, then think again. Their services are far broader than that so they are highly beneficial to athletes.

Treatment of Injury

This is the most common service offered by a Melbourne sports physiotherapist today. As the name suggests, the treatment is focused on helping the injury heal faster and more effectively. In fact, most sports teams hire their own physiotherapist to help their athletes to recuperate from injuries faster. There are several types of treatments employed by physiotherapists that include taping, heat or cold therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), or soft tissue mobilization. Most treatments done are designed to control the inflammatory phase so that the injured tissues won’t suffer from more damage. Additional treatments are also recommended to facilitate the natural healing process of the affected tissues.

Preventive Physiotherapy

This is an important component of a therapy program offered by a notable Melbourne sports physiotherapist. If you are looking for a cheap Melbourne sports physiotherapist, make sure they can also offer injury prevention therapy. This type of therapy is recommended for athletes who have been previously injured. The goal is to prevent the same injury from occurring. A few of the therapies recommended include strengthening the core, correcting posture, incorporating stretching exercises to improve flexibility, using the right gear and protective equipment, and self-management.

Pain Control Therapies

Since athletes subject their body to strenuous activity as part of the sports they are competing in, pain is an inevitable part of their job. Physiotherapists can also offer pain control therapies to athletes. As the name suggests, this kind of therapy is designed to manage and control pain so that the athlete can give their best performance during a game or match. Aside from that, they are also designed to control pain so that the athlete can improve their quality of life.

Most pain control therapies focus on massage and stretching exercises. They target the tissues and muscles, which are the ones most affected when an athlete is injured. It is important that you perform these therapies under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist to avoid causing further injury or pain.

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