What Makes a Yacht Holiday Truly Special?

A luxury yacht holiday is an amazing way to spend a vacation with family and friends. Nowadays, the superyacht business has also embraced the social media strategy to reach out to more customers all across the world and make them aware of the unlimited services being offered to give them the best holiday experience. The superyacht tender is a very important component of the yacht experience and customers often choose a yacht on the basis of the tenders and RIB’s available on board.

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How can tenders and RIB’s enhance the yachting experience

The yacht chartering companies purchase tenders to lure customers. There is a vast variety of superyacht tenders or boats available on board so that the passengers of the yacht can make use of them for entertainment purposes. These tenders are attached to a superyacht and are used as speed boats, life boats, hovercrafts to carry passengers to the land, drag boats for waterskiing, chase boats, or RIB’s. The RIB’s are inflated boats which are unsinkable and light in weight. The passengers make use of these boats to sail on the sea or ocean and indulge in fishing, scuba diving or basking in the sun.

These tenders truly symbolise luxury as they are customised private boats which the passengers can use to spend time privately, away from the other passengers on board the yacht. They can indulge in adventure sports and speed along with the yacht and get the thrill of jetting along at a high speed with the spray of water and the rush of the wind.

The latest trend is to have large tenders on board equipped with the latest technology and facilities like high-end sound systems, underwater LED lights, cocktail cabinets, and refrigerated drawers. Other features include high-powered engines, barbecue hub, cooktops, satellite radio, sink, icemaker, microwave, sunpad, boarding ladder, changing rooms, wraparound seating, fishing and safety gear, folding seats and tables, davit system, stowage area, etc.

Some of the famous superyacht tenders

There is an astonishing range of luxury superyacht tenders available nowadays. Some of the famous tender companies include VanDutch, Whitmarsh, Alen, Sacs, Wajer, Maori, Seawater, Wally, Zodiac and many more. These superyacht tenders and RIBs for rent can be browsed through by visiting websites like https://www.212-yachts.com/. The rent ranges from €400 to €7500 depending on the model chosen. These websites contain details of all kinds of tenders including features, rent, and size of the vessel.


A superyacht tender is an asset to a yacht owner because it can lure more customers and can generate more revenue. Also, yacht tenders add an element of fun and excitement to a luxury holiday. The unlimited variety of superyacht tenders to rent shows how much the scope of the superyacht business has increased and it also indicates that there is a huge demand for such new toys among the yacht passengers as they want to experience something new every time. So those in the yacht chartering business should not waste any more time and should purchase or rent the latest tenders as the competition is tough and attracting customers is essential.

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